Shtab — project management system focused on human resources

Makes collaboration in the office and remotely transparent. Increases productivity for distributed teams and freelancers.

Tasks and projects tracking

Use the desktop application to keep track of your working hours and follow progress.

Use statistics to calculate salaries, control your income and spending, and analyze the efficiency of your team.

Your working process will become more transparent, and your results will be more predictable.

Desktop screenshots

During operation, the tracker takes screenshots of the desktop at a specified frequency. Screenshots show the progress of work on projects and help to justify the result in controversial situations.

Activity tracking

The tracker takes into account user activity. If the performer is absent or inactive during tracking, the activity indicator will begin to decline and will affect personal statistics. This will help gauge employee engagement.

Automatic moderation of desktop screenshots

The machine learning feature recognizes content from messengers, social networks, emails, Youtube, Twitch and other platforms and blurs the content to protect users' personal information.



Use any web browser to access the application.

Системе управления проектами для управления проектами доступна в любом браузере.

Time tracker

Desktop app is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

Десктопное приложение Shtab для управления проектами доступно на Windows. Десктопное приложение «Штаб» для управления проектами доступно на Mac OS. Десктопное приложение «Штаб» для управления проектами доступно на Linux.

Mobile app soon

Mobile application - in development

Мобильное приложение Shtab скоро будет доступно на iOS. Мобильное приложение для управления проектами «Штаб» скоро будет доступно на Android.

Suitable for different tasks

  • Project and team management
  • Development of software, websites, mobile applications
  • Financial, administrative, legal, training and other sorts of consulting
  • Launching advertising campaigns, creating content, interacting with clients, and assumption testing
  • Graphic and product design
Shtab поможет справится со множеством задач по управлению проектами.

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Team feed for news and discussions

Knowledge base and the ability to organize the learning process

Loading and managing project files in cloud

Employee payments management


Free trial period of 14 days when connecting any tariff


0 $

per user per month
Get started
Up to 5 users
Time tracker without screenshots
Up to 4 projects
File storage 1 GB File sizes up to 5 MB
Support: e-mail


-50% Pay annualy

4.5 $

per user per month 9 $ user / month
Get started
Up to 20 users
Time tracker without screenshots
Unlimited number of projects
File storage 10 GB Unlimited file size
Support: Email + chat


-50% Pay annualy

9 $

per user per month 18 $ user / month
Get started
Up to 200 users
Time tracker with screenshots
Unlimited number of projects
File storage 50 GB Unlimited file size
Support: Email + chat
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